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Swart Stock is a stock agency for African content. It is a digital marketplace for stock photos and illustrations.

We began as creatives and grew frustrated with the lack of contents available to work on the go, so Swart Stock was born.

Swart Stock hopes to inspire genuine creativity across the shores of Africa, by providing quality and affordable content to our consumers and clients, while providing a source of revenue to our striving creators.

Mind you, this is not some big revolution, this is a movement, a force of creativity.

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We Love Photography

Genuine storytelling is our passion

Why we do it

Visuals enable great story telling. Africans have little visual content available but together we can change this.

How we do it

That’s simple, by allowing creators express their creativity. #weareAfricancreatives

What we do

SwartStock is your fast, simple marketplace for quality images. The rewards derived is shared with our creators with transparency.

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